Almost eight month after my application, I finally received my Indian research visa these days (proudly pictured to the right). I can assure you: the process is a very Indian one. Polite persistence, personal contact, and calling in favours from influential people works - shouting, being formalistic, or going on holiday in the meantime rather doesn't. Most importantly, it helps to know as much as possible about how the procedure should be - even if it invariably will turn out differently. Since there is very little information out there, however (I still remember how lost I felt when I started out), and a good bunch of outdated rumours abound (supervisors' tales from the early 70s etc), I decided to abstract from my experiences, readings, and conversations with colleagues - and to write this blog post. Consider it a return favour to the academic community for the tremendous help I received along the way, but don't take it as a definite guideline (in addition, read through here, here, and there, ask colleagues, and talk to your consulate, embassy and/or visa agency).