While the servers at Oxford are still processing my electoral roll experiment, and while I prepare the first anniversary of this blog next week, today's post will be very brief - just an alert to two pieces I recently wrote elsewhere:

The first is an interview with yours truly at Watershed, a very interesting resource for connecting intra-BRIC policy debates, calling itself "Brazil's hub for Chinese and Indian affairs" (well, Russia seemed to have dropped out). The interview is on my current and previous research.

The second piece is a guest post comparing book and other kinds of reviews for phd2published. I basically argue that writing book reviews prepares you for grading student work - and vice versa. For those who don't know it yet, P2P is one of these useful grad student support sites which came up lately - check it out, not just for my piece on book reviews!

I am not sure if I will continue guest blogging, but it was a nice experiment to start. Next week will feature a reflection on academic blogging more generally - and in two weeks from now, the electoral roll data should be ready for some follow-up on both elections and the name question posed last week. As a teaser, I can already say that it works far better than expected...