Welcome to my website, which contains a narrative and full CV, a list of research interests, my teaching portfolio, conference papers and publications, a couple of recommended links to your left and a formerly weekly, now occasional Blog covering academic life and three main projects:

There is also a contact page with mail and email addresses (preferably encrypted). Other ways to learn about my work and get in touch are linked at the bottom: my profiles at the Max Planck Institute and at Oxford, academia.edu to keep up with colleagues' work, Prezi for conference slides, figshare for posters, MapBox for, well, maps, GitHub for code and data - and finally Twitter for redistributing interesting reads that I stumble upon. If you still want more, there are also impactstory, altmetrics, Google Scholar, ORCID, ResearcherID, ScopusID, Mendeley and keybase.io. That's all ;-).

Raphael Susewind